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General  Aviation  of  Inner  Mongolia



ADDRESS: NO.2 Xitu Road, General Aviation Building, InnerMongolia, China



Sino Wing General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd.

Sino Wing General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd.

Enterprise Profile


Sino-Wing General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. is the general aviation enterprise controlled by General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. ,of which main businesses include general aviation operations, the aircraft hosting and maintenance. It owns an airport (with a 1200-meter-long and 30-meter-wide runway) which is located in Wudangzhao Town, Shiguai District, Baotou City. The main businesses of Sino-Wing General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. include:

· General aviation charter flight, medical aid, commercial aircraft driving license training; air tour, helicopter load flight, artificial precipitation, aerial prospecting, urban fire control, aerial inspections, power line inspection & reparation,  aircraft hosting business, flying service for parachute jump; aircraft driving license training,  aviation forest guard, aerial spraying, aerial photography, aerial advertising, scientific experiments, meteorological detection; operating manned balloon & airship with standard airworthiness certificate for air tour; driving the aircraft with special airworthiness certificate for air show flight, personal entertainment flight, sport aircraft pilot driving license training, aerial spraying, power line inspection & reparation etc.


Sino-Wing General Aviation Ltd. has the navigation operation qualification which has been adopted by the CCAR-91 from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. At the beginning, Sino-Wing General Aviation has purchased two R44 Robinson helicopters. Starting with the low level tourism and taking the well-known tourist attractions as the core such as Wudang Lamasery, Resonant Sand Gorge and Xilamuren Grassland around Baotou, Sino-Wing General Aviation will open the air tour route in succession covering the tourist economy area of the Hohhot-Baotou-Erdos and develop more and farther tourist attractions to connect the main tourist attractions of Inner Mongolia by general aviation airports. With the purpose of integrating the tourism resources  effectively and becoming the quick switch of low level tourism routes, Sino-Wing General Aviation Ltd. will offer the speedy and high qualified flight services to the tourists so that they can truly experience the natural scenery and cultural landscape through the view of general aviation and the unique tour.


In the future, the company plans to introduce more helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts, bulk up the fleets, build up an aircraft hosting & maintenance center, a pilot &maintenance & flight crew training center, and an aircraft 4S base. Furthermore it will comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength of the company and make it the important chain of forging the northern large-scale  general aviation industry group in Wudangzhao Town, Shiguai District, Baotou City. Sino-Wing General Aviation Ltd. is trying to become one of the best general aviation companies and step into the leading domestic general aviation enterprise ranks.