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AKOYA aircraft of France project

AKOYA aircraft of France project


The AKOYA light sport aircraft produced by Lisa aircraft of France is the world's first and only amphibious aircraft which enables to travel on water, land, and snow .

It is considered to be one of the four aircraft designers worldwide, thanks for its multifunction and outstanding performance.  It enters to the international aviation market due to its reliable flight control, high performance cost ratio and excellent safety.

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Signed cooperation

Signed cooperation



After many times of contact with Lisa Aircraft, GAIM has invited members of Lisa France to visit Baotou on November 10, 2015 for further cooperation, Secretary of the Shiguai district party committee, Mr. Xue Song hosted the symposium in Shiguai district government, GAIM, PWC international accounting firm, and Lisa France were participated. After several rounds of in-depth negotiations, in November 2015, GAIM and Lisa Aircraft signed the contract.

GAIM will work in-depth with Lisa Aircraft , to form a light sport aircraft production research and development team, the new joint venture company will enter the GA industrial park which will engage in set design, research and development, production assembly, global sales of the aircraft. Production and selling AKOYA amphibious LSA who enjoys a reputation of "eurostar".Currently, Akoya is a two seat light sport aircraft. Designers has already started the research and development of the 4-6 seat aircraft, in the near future, it will be lauched into the market, to meet the future developpment of LSA on the market.

By the year 2017, GAIM, together with Lisa Aircraft, establish a joint venture company in Shiguai District and set up the Chinese aircraft manufacturing plant in the GA industrial park. Starting the production and assembling light sport aircraft in 2018.