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Emergency Rescue

Emergency Rescue



Emergency Rescue mainly refers to helicopter rescue, and it is generally applied in western countries. As the effective backup of ground rescue, when the traffic jam, traffic stop and road closure in foggy whether take place and the ambulance can not reach in time, the helicopter rescue can buy the time for life saving. As for the patients with great trauma and cardiovascular diseases, the principle of rescue time is Gold 1 hour, Platinum 10mins”, saving 1 minute is more valuable than the gold. If the patients can not get immediate treatment in time because of the traffic jam, it will cause serious consequences. But the helicopters are not influenced by the ground traffic, and they are fast. The helicopters need less demanding landing conditions which only request a landing site 1.5 times the size of the fuselage, and they can offer the timely, all-around and vertical rescue service

Currently, there is no aviation medical team in Baotou. Under the guidance of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Inner Mongolia, General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. and it`s subsidiary, Sino-Wing General Aviation Ltd. is cooperating with Baotou No.8 Hospital in helicopter rescue. And it marks that the Baotou helicopter rescue channel has officially opened.