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UAV Aerial Photography & Survey

UAV Aerial Photography & Survey


UAV aerial photography is usually used for cultural media, film and television, wedding video, etc., and it has a wide range of fixed applications in our country. UAV aerial survey business is always a high-quality business which is very profitable with stable volume of business, but in the past, the business was completed by manned aircraft.

With the continuous upgrading and optimization of the Internet and the Internet of Things, Aerial photography & surveying Technology will replace most of the traditional operations. Aerial photography has made outstanding contributions in the field of cultural industries to ensure that the excellent works and shooting personnel safety. With the continuous improvement of urban intelligence, most of aerial survey data collection has also increased year by year. The aerial survey data needs to be increased and updated, and the aerial survey market will also be the main competition of UAV companies.

In the future, the UAV aerial photography business of Sino-Wing Intelligence Aviation Technology of Inner Mongolia Ltd. will negotiate with some media organizations such as Xinhua Net and TV stations to conduct professional cooperation in the field of UAV aerial photography.