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Plant Protection

Plant Protection


The development of agriculture today depends on science and technology more and more, but the new agriculture science and technology failed to be timely applied in the prevention of pests and diseases, the investigation of crop growth, updating of planting techniques, changing of farming methods, the development of new varieties.

Ø Agricultural aviation plant protection began to develop from abroad, and then it was gradually introduced into our country. After several decades of development, the workload of agricultural aviation has increased year by year. Since 2010, UAV plant protection operations in our country has emerged and developed rapidly, but it is still in the early stage.

Ø As an important part of the entire agricultural technology, the application of agricultural chemicals has made great progress with the development of agricultural technology. The application of plant protection UAV can bring new opportunities for the development of modern agriculture.

The Market Situation of UAV Plant Protection

The Market Situation of UAV Plant Protection


General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. has fully entered UAV plant protection business. The advantages of future UAV plant protection have also made a great breakthrough over traditional agricultural operations, making the related agricultural production more scientific and reasonable. In November, according to the results of market research conducted by the Marketing Department of General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. on farms in and around Baotou City , just in Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, Bayannao`er and other places, there are over 23 million acres of arable land. As all cultivated land should be sprayed with herbicide at least once, the market demand should be 2300 acres every season. If take the operating costs by 15 Yuan per acre, the market value should be at least 345 million Yuan. According to professional calculation of UAV plant protection, the operating cost is about 5 to 6 Yuan per acre. At present, farming operations in rural farming areas have a huge demand for UAV operations.

Mainly reflected in the following reasons:

The average age of farming workers is quit high (over 50 years old) and the labor is not enough;

High labor costs, low efficiency (The efficiency of UAV is 30 times that of manpower);

A variety of crops which labor and machinery can not work on (corn, cucurbit etc.);

Every year, all arable land needs plant protection spraying(including weeding) and foliar-fertilizer 1 to 3 times;

Using UAV can save 50% agricultural chemicals and 90% water;

Compared to foreign countries, China's UAV market is still in a rapid development period. According to marketing estimation, if the UAV plant protection operations can reach 54% of Japan, 50% of the United States, it will go on a growth spurt. However, our current UAV plant protection operation rate is only about 2%, and Inner Mongolia UAV plant protection is still in its early stage. Obviously, the development space of UAV plant protection market is huge. The top priority is to immediately build up our own UAV plant protection team and establish the brand image to create our own plant protection market, by that we can become the "leading company" Of northern UAV plant protection market.