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General  Aviation  of  Inner  Mongolia



ADDRESS: NO.2 Xitu Road, General Aviation Building, InnerMongolia, China



Aeronautical School

Aeronautical School

Professional skills training

The western General Aviation of Inner Mongolia. Ltd. in Shiguai Industrial Park covers an area of 50 acres, the establishment of aviation schools and training centers, training aircraft main drivers, aircrew and ground personnel, technicians, maintenance personnel, production of professional and technical personnel and engineers. In cooperation with other domestic aviation clubs, the flight training base is established. Provide domestic first-class pilot training, teaching, registration of flight license and other related business. The flight school is set up to train talents for the flight.

Expansion training base

Expansion training base

Personnel quality training

Outward bound can well motivate employees' work passion, enhance teamwork spirit of teamwork, set up a sense of teamwork among employees, enhance staff's sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, and show the style of construction guarantee. Inner Mongolia navigation Airlines is planning to build an aviation expansion base in the eastern part of Shiguai industrial park 20 mu, providing a venue for training and expanding training for enterprises, individuals and teams.