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Folk town

Folk town


Folk culture has a long history. It has formed many customs and customs in a long period of production and life, and along the generation, it has long been a colorful and distinctive folk culture. Inner Mongolia navigable Aviation Co., Ltd. is building a folk street for 20 mu in the East District of Shiguai Industrial Park to provide tourists with national arts and crafts, snacks and performances.

With China entering the leisure time, the mode of national tourism consumption is changing. That is, the "sightseeing tour", which is the purpose of the traditional scenic spots, is changing to leisure travel and holiday tourism mode for the purpose of leisure consumption, time consumption and holiday residence. Under this mode, people's demand for tourism consumption in characteristic towns will gradually tend to coexist with "small town scenery" and "urban facilities". That is to say, people yearn for a new way of life that integrates the function of "traveling in a small town, living in the community".

In the process of planning and developing tourism in characteristic towns, the contents of folk culture must be selected. The attraction is mainly determined by the cultural differences between the local and the tourists. The more distinctive the local folk culture is, the greater the difference and the more attractive it is. Therefore, the most distinctive part of the selection should be the selection of the content.

A collection of collections. It refers to the collection of typical folk customs scattered in a certain area, such as the Chinese Folk Culture Village in Shenzhen and the splendid China in Florida, the Taiwan nine ethnic cultural villages of all kinds of ethnic cultures in Taiwan, such as the Gaoshan and galU ethnic groups.