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UAV Trainng

UAV Trainng



UAV application as an emerging business, it plays an irreplaceable role in aerial photography & survey, agricultural & forest plant protection, police work and fire control. Compared to the traditional operation mode, simple operation and the great advantages of safety & fast makes the UAV approved in every field, so there are many job vacancies of UAV pilot.

For meeting market needs, General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Group as the large-scale comprehensive group corporation in Inner Mongolia and Northwest China has established the Sino-Wing Flying Academy of UAV, which focus on the professional training of UAV. In the future, the test center will be established to take on the task of UAV test.

The Sino-Wing Flying Academy of UAV has superior hardware facilities and qualified instructors. The training center is located in Electrical Machinery Park, Binhe New District, which is an advantageous geographical location. All the instructors here are with the certificate which is issued by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China(AOPA), and they will help you pass the test and get the certificate. After training, if you pass the test and get the certificate, we will offer the job recommendation and you will get a high-paying job.

With more and more unregistered pilot operating the UAV without approval, the departments involved have attached great importance to it. The first domestic Light and Small UAV Operating Rules(Trial) has come out. It clearly requires a pilot license on the operating UAV, so it has stirred a frenzy of UAV pilot license training. Currently, AOPA is the most authoritative organization in China. Up to now, AOPA has 54 training institutions and 3 instructor training institutions.    

In July, 2017, Sino-Wing Intelligence Aviation Technology of Inner Mongolia Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation with Xinhua Net`s Inner Mongolia Branch. By the educational modes of running joint school, training the UAV pilots together, admissions in efficient ways, high passing test rate etc., the first UAV training institution in Inner Mongolia, Xinhua Eagle- Sino-Wing Intelligence Aviation Training Center, which specially focus on the market of UAV application, training the UAV pilots and certificates obtainment was established officially, so that when the trainees finish their training courses, they can get their professional qualification certificate. In addition, the institution will offer the internship for the trainees, and they can work as interns in the major media institutions, plant protection departments. Later, the good stories and works will be published on Xinhua Net.

It is the very first business project in Inner Mongolia, and it has built a foundation for its future dominant position in UAV training business.

Joint-running School Program

Launching the major of UAV application technology with Baotou Light Industry Vocational and Technical College

Training Center

Established Sino-Wing Intelligence Aviation Comprehensive Training Center

Instructor Team

The training qualification is authorized by AOPA

Four highlights of UAV training

Four highlights of UAV training


Quick Start Training

By taking the Quick Start Training which is about 5 days, the trainees can learn the UAV flight knowledge and have a quick understanding of the UAVs` simple operations. The training fee is low and the trainees will have a quick start of UAV. After training, the trainees can get the course-completion certificate issued by General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd.

Pilot Training

The course and hours will be planed according to different UAV types. The trainees will get the Civil Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot Certificate issued by AOPA. The certificate is recognized by Chinese Civil Aviation Regulations and it can be used nationwide.

Advanced Training

Advance training is for the in-depth training of UAV application including UAV plant protection, UAV aerial photography, UAV aerial survey and UAV inspection etc., and it helps the trainees master the operations. Practical training helps the trainees get jobs easily.

Talent Pool & Picture Gallery

Once the trainees attend the training, their personal profiles will be created and they`ll have a cooperative relationship with General Aviation of Inner Mongolia Ltd. The trainees will be assigned with businesses in different places under the principle of merit & closeness. The Picture Gallery will be established and the trainees` excellent works will be recommended to related media which pays well for the works.  

Our Advantages

Our Advantages


Authority Qualification

The base is the first civilian UAS training institution certified by AOPA. Qualified trainees will be issued certificate with the mark of AOPA.

Qualified Teachers

One of the few enterprises with independent research and production capacity. UAS training, We are the best.

Large Scale

Covering an area of 20 acres, all courses using "theory + practice" integrated training mode

with complete UAV training room, qualified instructors, excellent equipment, mature technology.

Highlighting Profession

All the instructors have rich flying experience over 500 hours in average.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information


Application Qualification

一、Aged 18 or above, no criminal record

二、High school degree or above

三、Good Chinese ability of reading, listening and writing, no incorrect accent or stuttering which may influence two-way radio communication

四、With mental agility and the passion for UAV (model aircraft enthusiasts and amateur are preferred)

Under any of the following circumstances, no application is allowed for the certificates of pilots and commanders:

一、With the diseases which may affect the security in flight, such as organic heart disease, epilepsy, Meniere's disease, vertigo, hysteria, parkinsonism, psychosis, dementia, nervous system diseases which affect limb activity, etc

二、Smoking or injecting drugs, addiction to addictive psychotropic drugs and not been rehabilitated yet

三、The other circumstances which are not allowed by law and administrative regulations

Admission Information

Admission Information


一、When trainees register, they must read the admission information carefully, if anything not clear please consult the staff.

二、When trainees register, the personal information they provide must be true and effective. If providing false information results in any negative consequence, the individuals must take personal responsibility.  

三、After admission, if the trainees can`t not continue to have training courses because of special circumstances, they can apply for suspension at most for a year, and it`s free of charge to continue their training courses.

四、The training center will arrange accommodation for the trainees.