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Industrial Park Project Overview

Industrial Park Project Overview


Inner Mongolia Navigation Aviation Co., Ltd., plans from 2015 to 2023, in three phases in Inner Mongolia Baotou Shizhu District Wudang Zhaozhen, to build a large general aviation industry park in the north, with a total area of 5600 acres, plans a total investment of 3.552 billion yuan The This project is a general industrial park as the core and the construction of a regional transformation and upgrading of the comprehensive industrial park. It has air operations, air travel, sports, education, training, and aviation research and development, manufacturing, production and other projects to carry out. The project is the first in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at an altitude of 1410 meters high, open the mountain to start construction of the mountain general airport project.

Five when the general airport is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the first private investment in construction and operation of the airport. Around this core project, will form a set of manufacturing, aviation services, eco-tourism, aviation life and other major formats, and as an axis covering the tourism economy area, and then outside the area of radiation and expansion, the formation of the northern region The largest navigable aviation industry park.

France Lixia AKOYA aircraft project

France Lixia AKOYA aircraft project

Amphibious light aircraft


France Lai Xia aircraft manufacturing company produced AKOYA (A Ke Ya) light sports aircraft is the world's first, and the only one water, land, snow amphibious aircraft.

AKOYA light sports aircraft can take off and land in a variety of terrain conditions, but also have good flight performance, the use of 97 unleaded petrol. The machine is made of carbon fiber composite material, can take off and down within a distance of less than 200 meters, at the same time, the wing can be easily stored after folding loading. Outstanding gliding performance and safety parachute can maximize the safety of occupants and aircraft.


water surface
Australia FOXCON-T200 aircraft

Australia FOXCON-T200 aircraft

Amphibious light sport aircraft

Inner Mongolia Aviation Aviation Co., Ltd. in March 2016 to Australia Foxcon further study and negotiations, that the Foxcon T200 light sports aircraft is a well-designed aircraft, safe and reliable, and has a good market development potential. Through multi-round negotiations, in July 2016 in Baotou Aviation Aviation Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, a comprehensive cooperation Foxcon T200 light sports aircraft manufacturing, as well as global sales operations.

Australia FOXCON-T200 amphibious light sport aircraft began in 1996 on the market. Multi-functional, superior performance, with excellent and reliable flight control performance, high cost and excellent safety performance into the international aviation community.

At the same time, Inner Mongolia Airlines and the famous Australian aircraft design engineers signed a helicopter R & D contract, commissioned by the designer for my company to design a helicopter, and in the navigation industry park to complete the design, development, manufacturing, to create our own intellectual property rights A helicopter.


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